We aspire to be a leading group in the field of food and detergents industry in Egypt and The Middle East region and providing consumers with a mixture of distinguished brands and products that satisfy their expectations and meet their needs


Our mission is to expand , open new markets and serve more sectors ; With the aim of developing and developing the food and detergent industry , while ensuring distinction, innovation ,continuous development, possessing extensive experiences and the necessary resources, in addition to our commitment to the necessary quality and service standards.

An overview about our company:

Bridge Group for Consumer Industries was established in Egypt in 2011 . It is a leading Egyptian group in the field of high quality consumer goods and seeks to serve both local and international customers, in addition to its interest in developing the innovative side and ensuring that its products are part of the culture of the Egyptian house. Bridge offers a large variety of high quality products a continues to achieve many of successes and achievements in its various respective sectors ,which includes: salt,vinegar,sauce,ketchup and crispies,in addition to the manufacture of detergents; to become one of the most important companies producing and packing consumer goods in Egypt. .

Our Values